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FREE Music Theory Arcade Games with Oliver and the Gang!

Free Music Theory Arcade Games

Head over to Making Music Fun to play fun arcade games that will teach you music theory as you play.  The games are FREE!

In Music Press Distress you learn to identify six basic rhythms with Oliver and the Gang.  The game uses rhythms with the whole note, the half note, the eighth note, the dotted half note and the dotted quarter note.

In Eek Shark! you learn your note names with Oliver and the gang.  Select the treble clef or the bass clef, set the note range that you would like to drill and play!

Play “Music Press Distress” and “Eek! Shark!” Here.

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Flash Frog™ | Music Flash Cards Matching and Memory Game – FREEBIE

Get Flash Frog™ | Music Flash Cards (Matching/Memory) Game from Make January the month your piano students finally know their note names. FlashFrog flashcards and memory game will provide the variety you’ll need to keep them focused while they drill. Limited time freebie.



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Free Music Worksheets

Music Theory | Free Beginner Note Naming Worksheet

Brand new beginner piano students can use this worksheet to learn notes on the treble clef.  This makes learning the notes so easy for any age student.  Kids will love it!

Download Free Note Naming Worksheet

Color That Note! (Treble Clef) | Free Note Name Worksheet

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Printable Music Note Flash Cards | Treble Clef and Bass Clef

My 8-year-old son has only been taking piano lessons for 2 weeks.  He is picking it up very quickly.  I found free printable music note flash cards to help him learn the notes.

Download Printable Treble Clef Flash Cards


Download Printable Bass Clef Flash Cards



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