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Free Baby Box with Surprises for You and Your Baby from Walmart

Walmart Baby BoxGet delightful surprises for you and your baby!

Walmart is excited to offer you quality product samples and exclusive offers in a custom keepsake box.  Whether you are newly expecting or already parenting, the Walmart Baby Box will be with you every step of the way!

The Walmart Baby Box is FREE.  Pay only $5.00 per box for shipping and handling.  Walmart Baby Box subscribers enjoy direct-to-home delivery of useful products and helpful tips for three life stages: Pre-Natal, Newborn and Toddler. When you subscribe for a Pre-Natal Baby Box, you will receive the Pre-Natal Box first, followed by the Newborn and Toddler Boxes when your child reaches those milestones.

You can subscribe to the Walmart Baby Box and learn more about it here.

Walmart Freebies

Free Photo Prints

Did you get all your Christmas and New Years photos printed?  I often use Walmart to get my digital photos printed.  It’s great because I just upload the photos to my free account with Walmart and go pick them up when they’re ready.  Sometimes I will even have them made at the Walmart in the state where my mother-in-law lives.  When the photos are ready I just let her know that she can pick up her set of photos at Walmart.  Walmart will mail your photos too, just pay for the postage.

If you go to the link below and create your free account, Walmart will give you 25 4×6 prints for free (made in 1 hour too!).

Go here for your free photos.