Traffic Wonker | Free Pinterest Pin Scheduler

If you’re a blogger, and haven’t visited yet, you’re missing out. This new Pinterest pin scheduler is the only pin scheduler that is currently offering a completely free service.


You can create an account and schedule pins for up to three Pinterest accounts.  Traffic Wonker is not your typical pin scheduler. They’ve totally reimagined things in a pretty interesting way. When they say “easiest” and “timesavingest” they really mean it. No more mind-numbing hours of pin scheduling. It’s truly a “set it and forget it” marketing tool.

Here’s a little about the tools that you’ll find on the site:

Auto-Pilot Publishing
The Auto-Pilot feature publishes your pins non-stop. Once it cycles though as a week of pins it starts over again, publishing up to 72 pins each day.

SmartShuffle sorts your queue each week automatically if you have it turned on. This tool will not only publish your pins in a different order, but your pins will be evenly distributed within your queue to create more natural boards for your followers.

Finally, a queue the lets us bloggers store the pins we want to publish over and over again in the queue. No more filling the queue every time you want to schedule pins. Members can store up to 120 pins in each day’s queue. If you want to reorder the pins you can also drag and drop, or use SmartShuffle. When you really want to give your followers some fresh pins, just click to remove them and add new ones.

They also added the Auto-Delete feature. With this many pins going out, it will help you keep your boards at a useful size for your visitors. Great idea! By default, this feature is “off”. You can turn it on if you want too.

They’ve also created a New Member Guide:

traffic-wonker-new-member-guide – Pinterest Pin Scheduler | The Auto-Pilot Pinterest Pin Scheduler – Get a FREE Account!