Claude Monet | Homeschool Lesson Resource

Here are some free art and art history resources for Claude Monet.  This is perfect for elementary age students, and some activities are geared for middle school students.  Have fun learning with these free resources on Claude Monet!

Printable Biography

Claude Monet is an Impressionist Era Artist.  Monet was born in Paris, France on November 14, 1840.  He was the second child of Louise-Justine Aubry and Claude Adolphe Monet. In 1845, the Monet family settled near the ocean in Ingouville, France.  In 1851, Claude began attending school. He studied many subjects including art.  When he was a young teenager it became apparent he had artistic ability.  Continue reading and print biography.

Printable Word Search Worksheet

After reading the biography, have fun with this word search activity.

Paint Like Monet | Water Lily Pond

Follow the steps in this art lesson and your kids will be painting like Monet!  Water Lily Pond | Impressionist Painting Lesson.

Meet the Artist Job Application Worksheet

This is a great activity for your older elementary student or middle school student.  They will need to read the biography first and then complete this worksheet.

More Claude Monet Biographies

For older children, here are links to more biographies:  Biography 1, Biography 2

Printable Study Guide

Here is a free printable worksheet with questions to answer after reading the above biographies.