Learn to Draw | Free Learn to Draw Projects

I am not an artist.  I have several friends who are wonderful at drawing, painting, and other forms of art.  I would love to acquire even a little bit of their ability.  That probably won’t happen.  I do pretty well at stick figures though.

I have heard art teachers break down the process of drawing to “lines and shapes”.  I sat in on my daughter’s art class and was amazed at how easy the teacher made the drawing by just breaking the process down to simple lines and shapes.  That approach seems to make the process less intimidating.

I found some free “learn to draw” projects.  These projects provide very simplified instructions in 5 steps.  The artist wants the drawer to make simple shapes and lines rather than thinking of the what the end result should look like.  I love this approach!

Here are 3 “learn to draw” projects.  These are printable projects with step-by-step instructions.

Retro Robot


Spring Fairy