Learn Our History | Free DVD

One Nation Under God DVDThis fascinating, fun and FREE DVD follows the adventures of a group of
time-traveling history students, who learn how America embraces our God-given
freedoms and how God impacts our daily lives as Americans.

Learn Our History’s latest film, One Nation Under God,
celebrates and explains the crucial role that God has played in America’s
founding and development – and helps children understand how all of our rights
and freedom come directly from God, not the government.  It’s a great way to
help your children understand how God and the Holy Bible have influenced our

You can order One Nation Under God and receive it for free.  You will need to pay $4.95 s/h.

I ordered this today and I’m excited to preview this free DVD.  If I’m pleased, I will order other history videos that Learn Our History offers.

Order One Nation Under God while it is still free.