Piano Note Naming | Free Printable Game

My kids have been taking piano lessons for a few years now.  I think learning to read music is like learning a new language.   It’s amazing to watch a child go through the learning process.  So much is going on in the brain.  They look at the notes and their brain sends a message to the hands and fingers. Hopefully, their fingers got the right message and they play the correct notes! Once they really know the notes, the music becomes so fluid.


Practicing note naming is key to the process of learning this new “language”.  Note naming flash cards are a great tool. Drilling the note names and increasing their speed really helps. Here is another great tool: Treble Clef Concentration Game/Bass Clef Concentration Game.  Note naming practice is whole lot more fun when played as a game.  This game is played as the traditional concentration/matching game.  A correct match is the note shown on the bass clef with the correct letter that names the note.

Treble Clef Concentration Game is a free printable game.  You might also want to print the Treble Clef Flash Cards.  These are free to download and print.

Make sure you print Bass Clef Concentration Game.  You can print the Bass Clef Flash Cards as well.

Enjoy the learning process!


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