Alexander Calder | Free Lesson Plans and Worksheets

Alexander Calder (1898 – 1976)  is an American artist, sculptor, and toy maker.  His artistic ability showed itself when he was just four years old when he completed a clay sculptor of an elephant.  Both Alexander’s parents were artists.  His father was a sculptor and his mother was a portrait painter.  Alexander’s parents discouraged their children from using the arts to make their livelihood because the income was not reliable.  To please his parents, Alexander went on to study mechanical engineering and received his degree.  Later, his knowledge of mechanical engineering became very useful when he gravitated back towards his artistic inclinations.  He created toys that moved and mobiles.  In fact, there are many of his famous mobiles throughout the world placed in public buildings.

If you want to learn more about this interesting artist, you can print a free 1-page biography.

Alexander Calder printable biography.


Alexander Calder Lesson Resources

Here are some free lesson plans (Calder Cookies and Wire Sculpture Horse).  Follow these fun lessons plans which fulfill the National Standards for Art Education.   Your students will have fun and will remember this interesting artist.  Use the lesson worksheets.  These well thought out worksheets help reinforce the facts about Alexander Calder.  These are free printable worksheets.

Lesson Plans

Calder Cookies | Art Lesson……for grades 3rd – 6th.  The students will create their own masterpiece on a cookie.

Alexander Calder | Wire Sculpture Horse ……using wire, students will sculpt a work of their own.

Lesson Worksheets

Wordsearch ….key words from the printable biography are in the word search.  You will need to print the biography as well.

“Meet the Artist” Job Application | Worksheet …this is a super fun exercise.  Print this 2 page worksheet along with the biography

Coloring Page

Lobster Trap and Fish Tail | Coloring Page..a picture of one of his masterpieces from 1939.  This page is just for fun but will help students remember something important about this artist.