Music Classroom Game | Free Printable Game Board

suck-it-up-music-review-game-freeOkay, classroom music teachers, here is a fun game to incorporate into your day with students in grades 2nd through 6th.
This game will drill your students on their previous music lessons. The game is fast-paced and played in teams for added excitement.

The basics of the game are below. Go here to read the rest of the game and to download/print the free game board.

Grade 2-6

Students will play a fast-paced game to drill the facts of previous music lessons.

Materials Needed:
-Soda Straws
Suck It Up! Game Board and Answer Squares

Decide which music lesson facts you would like to review. Write 10 questions/answers for facts you would like your students to review. Transfer the questions to the printable Suck It Up! game board and the answers to the Suck It Up! answer squares. Cut the answer squares out of the answer squares sheet.

Get the free printable game board.