Learn to Watercolor Project | Free Printable

Here is a simple watercolor project.  The free printable includes all the steps for accomplishing this easy art project.

Along the way, you can learn about the artist that inspired this lesson: Edgar Degas.  This Paris-born French Impressionist artist was born in 1834.  He began painting as a young boy.  The Little Dancer of Fourteen Years was one of his most controversial pieces.  Some art critics considered it appallingly ugly.  While others liked it well.  The inspiration for this water color project comes from Degas’ many pieces covering ballerinas.

Print the free water color project:  Ballerina by Edgar Degas | Learn to Watercolor Project.

If you just want to print the Ballerina coloring page, go here.

If you would like to learn more about the artist, Edgar Degas, then print this free work sheet.



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