Free Music Theory Worksheets | Intervals features free interval worksheets that introduce children to basic music theory skills in a fun, colorful way. All of the worksheets are available for you to print and enjoy in high-quality PDF format – the best choice for a clean and crisp copy.

Free Music Theory Worksheets | Intervals
Intervals! worksheets continue to drill note naming skills, as they introduce simple intervals. The first worksheet asks students to write a second (2nd) up or a second (2nd) down from the given note, and then label each note with the correct alphabet letter. These worksheets are most effective if used in sequence, following the introduction of basic symbols (staff, treble and bass clef) and basic note names.

Intervals! Worksheet One/2nds

Intervals! Worksheet Two/3rds

Intervals! Worksheet Three/4ths

Intervals! Worksheet Four/5ths

Ready, Set, Go! Worksheet Five/Unison-Octave