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How to Make Money on the Internet | Free E-Book

This coming year I want to start a website that will generate income.Free eBook - Take Control: The Passive Income Internet Business Start-Up Guide  I really need to replace the income from my 2 part-time jobs.  I homeschool my children and would love to have more energy to devote to schooling as well as have the time to do extra activities and field trips.  Most of the time my work schedule or energy level gets in the way of being able to do more fun educational activities.

I have done some reading on the internet and found a website that has some great instruction and tools that will be helpful.  I will mention those resources here as I go through them.  The first item is a free downloadable/printable e-book that I am using to get started.  It is full of easy to follow tips for the average person.  I am not a high tech person, but I can make my way around the internet and computer.

I am still in the process of reading this free book, but what I see so far I really like.  I love how the chapters are written as things to do by week.  It makes it feel manageable and doable.  If I follow the steps, I should be up and running in about 8 weeks.  We’ll see, I might need to take a little more time since I already work about 45 hours per work.

Week 1:  Defining Your Product

Week 2:  Developing Your Business Plan

Week 3:  Choosing an Effective Passive Income Business Model

Week 4:  Identifying Powerful Keywords

Week 5:  How to Choose an Unforgettable Business Domain Name

Week 6:  Website Design Elements You Don’t Want to be Without

Week 7:  AdSense, Affiliate, and Membership Website Resources

Week 8:   Attracting Target Market Traffic

If you have ever thought of an internet business, you should take a look at this free e-book.

Download free e-book:  Take Control: The Passive Income Internet Business  Start-Up Guide